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September 23, 2011


Vrinda Jamuna Shakti (Estela Pujals)

The Women's Spirituality program and the extraordinary scholars that support it are making an important contribution to enlightening students who by changing and expanding their human and divine identities will also contribute to address and resolve the history of politics and religions' perpetuation of the business of pain for profit. Just as a wave does not rise without rising all other waves around it, the changing identities of women, from the past hypnotic construct of subservience to our inherent role as co-creators and mothers of humanity, will raise the tides across the spiritual, academic and social spectrums. I am proud and fortunate to be a student in the Women's Spirituality Program at CIIS. And hope that some of us are interested in joining others in taking what this program means to us into other universities in other parts of the world, and I also hope that the doors of collaboration open for us to carry out this nurturing service of liberating humanity from the sequelae of ignorance in the name of "religion".

Jackie oragh

I have been thinking about this program and feel that the direction of exploring your own spirtuality no matter what your culture background is important to the development of women's spiritual context.

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