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March 09, 2011



One i love is art. It expresses what you feel and what you imagine without inhibitions.

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Art therapists are not only practical doers who spend time in the clinical setting and try to nab what time they can for retreat to their own art studios, they are also active theorists and have amassed a wide range of theories for why and how art therapy works. The two approaches which started art therapy, "art psychotherapy" and "art as therapy", have gained many sisters, cousins and neighbourly approaches and theories explain the efficacy of creative expression as healing. In Approaches to Art Therapy, Judith Rubin (1987) outlined sixteen major theoretical approaches to the practice of art therapy:

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There are in the mind processes and purposes of which one knows nothing at all, has known nothing for a long time, and has even perhaps known anything.
Before I enumerate them, I would very much like to give credit to Michael Tsarion, whose body of research has greatly inspired me, Michael Hoffmann, for his theories on the psychology behind the psychology, and Alan Watt for his insightfulness and common-sense philosophy.

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