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January 06, 2011



The fact that seven of the twelve points that you listed directly or indirectly relate to obesity underscores the seriousness of this disease. Obesity and its related diseases (including type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer) are among the leading causes of death and loss in the quality of life for millions of Americans. Obesity affects people of all ages and ethnicities and costs the nation hundreds of millions of dollars in healthcare and productivity.

To become healthier as a nation, people must make healthy lifestyle a top priority. Obesity need not become the societal norm; proper nutrition, regular exercise and mental relaxation can reverse the trend and improve both quality and quantity of life.

Scarsdale Diet

I completely stand by the antioxidant idea. What really works for me over the seasonal issues that I have is to consume incredibly rich antioxidant foods. I learned how to make raw chocolate using cocao butter and raw cacao.

Let me tell ya, not only is eating chocolate very satisfying and tastes wonderful, but the antioxidants in raw cacao are amazing.

In fact raw cacao has the most antioxidants of ANYTHING on this Earth!

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