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December 01, 2010


Anne Bluethenthal

This is beautiful, Randall! I love this especially:
"...each moment has a tactile perception that is familiar, but also delicious and new. The way I walk out of here will still be me, tentative and duck-toed. But it will require ingenuity. With just a few coins I carry in my back pocket, the daily re-encounter with my mother and father is a kind of safeguard and showcase, a beautiful coin box. Quotable, memorable, experience is in it. But it is also something I shake and listen to again and again. It is somewhere in there--the inflection with which I draw another breath--it meanders until it distills and is nearly understood."
Yes, we keep walking from the room a new sensate being. Yes, we keep shaking the box as we move and the art falls out of us (or is wrangled from us) from our myriad moments, an everchanging poise of the body, a new gesture that reconfigures all that came before it - and yet is of them all.
Thank you for the beauty of your words.

Pauline Reif

A gorgeous, evocative piece, Randall. Thank you so much...inspiring for the work set before me. Pauline

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