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April 07, 2009


peter brown, EXA Grad, PsyD student

A very moving speaker, indeed rich in two languages dear to me, Japanese and English, I found the presentation thorough and offering a glimpse into trauma symptomology in Japanese culture. I would look forward to speaking again with Dr. Muramoto about treatment considerations, research, and the current state of the field in Japan. Our own psychotraumatological strivings are perhaps well served in cross-cultural dialogue. Dr. Muramoto is a founder and a pioneer of the work in Japan.

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Aya Kasai, M.A., MFTi is an expressive arts therapist and a graduate student at the CIIS. Kasai was a co-coordinator and a co-facilitator of Remembering Nanjing 2009. Kasai is collaborates with therapists, educators, and peace workers and to promotes expressive arts approach to dialogue and peace education. nice post thanks for sharing. its really intersted..


In this approach, a small group of up to 25 people dialogue using expressive arts therapy and drama therapy methods. Aft er the workshop a public event on a larger scale is conducted through documentary, performance, art or ritual. Th is is in order to share the deep process that occurred in the intimate group setting with the public and to show that healing like this is possible.

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